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Our Story

                                   Peering over the counter top to watch his grandmother work her magic at the stove

                                   was were Brandon Odom discovered his passion for cooking. Growing up, Brandon

                                   was surrounded by the smell and taste of recipes rich in family tradition and 

                                   southern flavor. His education in culinary arts didn’t begin in school; it began in

                                   that kitchen with his mother and grandmother guiding his hands, teaching him to

                                   understand the heart, soul, and flavor of good cooking.

Brandon’s first chance to test his homegrown skills was at a local eatery while studying at Southeastern  Louisiana State University. Since then, he has attended the Louisiana Culinary Institute and worked at a variety of restaurants, including a few mom and pops, Waffle House, Chili’s, Applebee’s, Kona Grill and Copeland’s of New Orleans in Baton Rouge, La. Now, he works as the Corporate Kitchen Manager and Trainer for Walk-On's Enterprises. 

Odom’s Catering grew from Brandon and his wife D'Andra's Mutual love of food and feeding others. D'Andra has a masters degree in public administration and is the Minority Outreach Director for the Southeast Louisiana Area Health Education Center (AHEC).  With her brain for business and Brandon’s talent for cooking, they make the perfect team. The two started Odom’s on a trial basis in November of 2013, but just two months later, their experiment quickly transformed into a full-fledged catering operation.

 Brandon and D'Andra hope to eventually move their

family oriented business to a brick-and-mortar location

where they can continue to grow and use their success to

provide opportunities for youth in the community through

a culinary arts service-learning program. That generous

spirit, passion for cooking and love for family are the

reasons Odom’s main goal is to use its food to remind

people of the love, comfort and fun of home and family.




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Chef Brandon Odom